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Registrar’s Message

1781221_699462906763569_2044458894924075554_o(Dr. Gitesh Joshi, First Registrar, Shri Govind Guru University)

Shri Govind Guru University is established by Government of Gujarat vide Gujarat Act No.24/2015 and is existent since September 28, 2015. As per the guiding principles of Gujarat Act No.24/2015, the region of Shri Govind Guru University, Godhra is Panchmahals, Mahisagar, Dahod, Chhotaudepur and Vadodara (Rural) districts.

At present, about 98 colleges are affiliated with Shri Govind Guru University and these colleges offering degrees at Graduation and Post-graduation level in faculties like Science, Commerce, Arts, Law, Homeopathy, Nursing, Education and Medical (paramedical) etc.

To make this university “The Smart University” is the dream of the State Government of Gujarat. So, the students of this area can get information and guidance for higher education easily. With the wish this dream comes true, I invite all the students in this University with the core of my heart.