SSGU Alumni Association

  • Our vision for alumni students is to see them as successful, engaged, and ethical leaders in their fields, continually giving back to their communities and staying connected to our institution.

  • When alumni are engaged with the college, the mission is to cultivate a strong sense of belonging and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience, and resources.
  • This engagement serves as a platform for alumni to celebrate achievements, offer mentorship, and contribute to the college's ongoing growth and excellence.

 Aim & Objectives
  • Encourage, support, and cultivate stewardship to build meaningful connections between alums and the university and amongst alums in other counties by fortifying the network.
  • assemble Shree Govind Guru University alumni in a single platform to foster fraternity, the growth of scientific knowledge in the community and nation as a whole, and the exchange of experiences, information, and abilities among members.
  • The goal is to increase the university's societal impact and value by instilling in its alums a passionate, lifelong commitment to its growth and development.
  • To organize cultural Event and also to conduct Alumni Day celebrations every year.
  • to encourage alumni and students of the university to engage in career counseling, socializing, and ongoing learning.
  • The mission is to secure funding from alumni, government entities and generous donors to support the pursuit of these objectives through contributions, donations, and gifts.

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